CREATE:SPACE II Pop-up Gallery

 CREATE:SPACE II is a pop-up gallery and collaborative space using the empty warehouse location formerly occupied by Tesco in Street, Somerset.

 Open to collaborators from every part of the community, and at any stage in their personal, creative, and spiritual journeys, we hope to pick up where the original CREATE:SPACE left off, as a place for conversation and discovery, as well as an environment to play, grow, and rest.

 Here, wonderful, unexpected, possibilities can rise out of old friendships or new encounters, as sparks of inspiration ignite in this meeting place for diverse forms of expression and creativity.

 Come along for a minute, or a month, and bring your own unique contribution as we celebrate and display the diverse talents which find their home in and around our village, and take their inspiration from the people and places of central Somerset.

 Open daily from 11am – 4pm until February 22nd 2018 (unless otherwise advertised).

 For up to date information, the best place to look is the public Facebook group “CREATE:SPACE II”, or any prospective artists should get in touch with Dylan Thomas on 07856 683 703 or, or pop into the gallery and ask to speak to Dylan or Sandra Brant.


Planning renovations this year?

Planning Renovations This Year?

If you’re thinking of a new extension, a bit of remodelling, or finally knocking down that old garage, have you checked for asbestos? Any property built or refurbished before 2000 could potentially contain ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials). Commonly found in corrugated roofing sheets, it was also widely used in artex-type paint coatings, insulation material, floor tiles, other construction material, fixtures and fittings. Left undisturbed, these materials don’t present a health risk. However, when damaged the fibres easily become airborne and can be inhaled. Exposure to these microscopic fibres can lead to severe lung disease and cancer. In the UK, around 5000 deaths a year are linked to asbestos exposure, and it can take years for symptoms to develop. Invisible to the naked eye and normally blended with other substances, professional testing is needed to ensure asbestos is dealt with safely.

Somerset Scientific Services, part of Somerset County Council, offer free impartial asbestos advice as part of our commitment to public health and safety. We also offer an expert service to identify and project manage the removal of any ACMs. Samples of suspect material can be sent to our lab for analysis and we’ll provide impartial advice on your next steps if asbestos is identified. For larger projects surveys can be completed on site by our specialist asbestos team if needed.

Call the team or visit our website for expert advice – and to find out what other services we provide.

01823 355906