Customer Service Point at Crispin Community Centre (CSP) changing to a Customer Access Point (CAP) and moving to Street Library

Customer Service Points (CSPs) in Frome, Glastonbury, Street and Wells will soon turn into Customer Access Points (CAPs). According to Somerset Council this is intended to unify and improve digital access for customers.

Somerset Council currently has CSPs in the four main areas of the county in Bridgwater, Shepton Mallet, Yeovil and Taunton.

There are also smaller CSP’s in Wells, Glastonbury and Street which will soon be converted into a CAPs within libraries to utilise their technology to connect residents to Customer Services.

In addition, Frome CSP within the library will be converted into a CAP with a dedicated IT solution from 1 July 2024.

The move is part of the Customer Services team coming together as one to offer a consistent approach across Somerset Council.

Timeline of changes for residents in Street can be found below:

• CSP in Crispen Centre closing on 24 May
• CAP available in Street Library on 28 May

Find out more about Customer Access Points and what they offer here.