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  • Charlotte Bufton

    Any library is a valuable educational resource for people of all ages. Street library is an important part of the community, enabling people to meet, read newspapers use computers and learn how to use them. For some living alone it is a place where they can find company and might be their only contact with others for that day. It is important to encourage from a young age the joy of reading. Street library offers many opportunities to all and should not be shut. Not every household has a computer or a room full of books. Think of those who are living on a budget and need the resources a library offers in so many ways

  • Charlotte Bufton

    May I add that I am disappointed that there is not an evening consultation for those who are unavailable for the day time meetings on March 8th

  • Lisa Lawrence

    Libraries are a life line for the older generation and mothers to name a couple of demographics. Do we really all have to stay indoors? I run alixal budjness and believe we should keep everything local.

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