It’s official! The new 0-10 yr play area at Merriman Park is now open. Keep safe and enjoy

Opening this brand new play area is the culmination of months and years of planning by the Merriman Park Group and Street Parish Council.  Ever since the first plans were drawn up for our ‘new’ park, we have wanted to renew the play equipment.  So this is a joy!  We hope that children and families will enjoy it for many years to come.  I am grateful to all those who have made this happen.  Have lots of fun everyone – Cllr. Claire Axten. Street Parish Council

The Parish Council has owned Merriman Park for the past 6 years. We are fortunate, that the park is centrally located which means its within easy reach for most families. Play parks are so important for children and families, they are a free outdoor activity, a place to socialise and have fun. With all that is happening in our current climate, we must still find reasons to have amusement and enjoyment. Hence the reason for this important investment. – Cllr. Andy Leafe. Chair of Street Parish Council.