M&S Food Outlet on the site of Oaklands Nursery.

On Thursday 24th August from 3 pm – 7 pm there will be a public consultation in the Morland Room at the Red Brick Building.

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  • Mrs A. Rew

    Although it would be good to have an M&S Food Store in Street but not on this proposed site. (1) It is too busy a round about and would cause more congestion at peak times. (2) We do not need yet another building going up when there are many empty ones that could be used, prefer to keep our green fields . (3) Street shopping arcade has now been empty for over a year and as there is no food shopping in the town itself it would be better and more useful to utilise this space . Have talked to many people this is not just my opinion-bring back a food shop in Street centre.(4) It would be good to maintain the sight as a garden centre as it is used by locals and we would be without one in the area.

  • Geoffrey Dench

    Regardless of what anyone has to say for or against this proposal, it will probably go ahead because no-one in MDC learns from their previous mistakes
    – Nutricia factory in Wells bulldozed within a few short years and replaced with residential houses
    – Phase 2 of Clarks Village had an Iceland and another large store which failed miserably (inappropriate shop units granted which are normally not in the high street of a village)
    – Tesco allowed to close in the Crispin centre and “replaced” with one in Glastonbury.
    Many of the people who shop in our High Street did not switch to Sainsbury’s or the new Tesco and instead now shop in the smaller “corner” shops because the lower prices in the superstores do not adequately compensate for the cost of the car journey.
    At the end of the day, Joe Public will vote with their feet and their wallets. I’m not saying an M&S store is a bad idea, but the location is totally wrong and we need to put some life back into our high street so that locals can shop locally.


    This is the best news I have heard in years.

    About time we had a Good/Classie Grocery Shop in the area

  • Ruby

    Why on earth do we need yet another supermarket? There are already Tescos, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Aldi, Ludl – all within a 2 mile radius.

  • Anthony

    Great decision, love m&s food and as it’s in street would round of a good day.

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