Street Skate Park & Merriman Park reopen 4.7.20

We are pleased to announce that both Street Skate Park and the play equipment in Merriman Park will be fully open from Saturday 4th July.
We want everyone to enjoy the parks, but as Covid-19 still exists in the community, all those using the equipment, parents, guardians and carers must take extra care and precautions. We are unable to regularly sanitise the equipment and therefore you MUST:

• Maintain social distancing at all times in accordance with current government guidance
• Bring your ow antibacterial gel/wipes to regularly sanitise your hands, especially before and after using equipment.
• Consider others and limit your time on equipment during busy times
• Not eat or drink whilst using equipment
• Dispose of all litter in the bins provided
Enjoy the parks and stay safe. #SupportingStreet

Tender awarded for the refurbishment of the play area for children aged up to 11 in Merriman Park, Street.

Exciting Developments in Street

Street Parish Council has chosen their favoured design for a new play area for children up to 11 in Merriman Park.

Six tenders were received and a small group from the Parish Council and the Merriman Community Group worked through these, scoring them against the criteria set out.  The winning design was then put forward to the Parish Council for recommendation last night 28th July 2020

The winning tender scored very highly in all areas, being an exciting, innovative design with lots of scope for physical, creative and imaginative play.  It gives opportunities for socialising, and has equipment to excite children across the age range. We will be ordering the new equipment as soon as possible and look forward to our new Chair Andy Leafe together with the project manager Councillor Claire Axten opening the new park in the not too distant future.

Kompan  have been awarded the tender and a diagram of their winning design is attached to the following link Kompan Design MP 2020





Safer shopping on our High Street

Many of our shops will re-open from 15th June while Covid19 is still active. The Parish, District and County Councils have worked together to make our High Street safer for shoppers.

We will be implementing some precautions to enable safe distancing.

Street High Street, from Vestry Road to Farm Road, will be closed to vehicles except for access from Monday next week. Road closed barriers will be in place.

There will also be a keep left one-way system for pedestrians to enable COVID 19 social distancing. The signs shown will be displayed. This will extend further along the High Street than the road closure and partway down Farm Road.

Keep your distance and keep safe.

Grants To Voluntary Organisations

Street Parish Council will be considering applications received for financial assistance from voluntary organisations within the parish of Street.  Finance available for this purpose is limited and no guarantee can be given that a grant will be made.

Application forms can be obtained by emailing Street Parish Council’s Assistant Clerk – Mrs Jenny Marshfield or by calling 07927 556387 Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm.

Application forms must be returned by 3rd August 2020.