The sale of Envy Night Club

Parish councillors got a flavour of public opinion at a meeting on 14th March about the imminent sale of the Envy Nightclub.

The parish council hopes that the building could be bought for community use, but does not have the resources to purchase and refurbish Envy itself.

Those attending the meeting supported strongly the need for more things suitable for young people, and for the community as a whole to have access to a village centre multi-use facility.

Mr Dylan Thomas, pastor of The Harvest Church, spoke saying that it might be possible for their church to buy it to use as a base for their out reach work; he also put forward the possibility of some type of joint project. Unfortunately the timing of the auction at the end of April leaves little time to explore more options.

The council would not want to commit its finances to this project at the detriment of the wide range of other organisations who benefit from parish council grants.