Room 6 of the Community Centre Leigh Rd, Street.

This meeting will consider options for a building for Council, Library and Community use including the alteration of the Parish Rooms.

For further information, please click on the link below.

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  • Emily blair

    On the options for the library:

    1. The cost of moving the stairs, adding a lift is large. Is there confidence that this would add enough value for access to one meeting room and the offices? Although the space on the ground floor would be more open it does not look like this is a big increase in overall space. For the big increase in cost there should be a big increase in benefits. Can these be articulated?
    2. The old library building had the open space and is accessible, I understand that it would take longer to overcome the issues around the dilapidation, I can’t see the cost of this over the time to compare this to the other options. If the current library remains open for the duration and the costs are reasonable then this option seems good to me. With the added benefit of offering a the parish rooms for alternative uses.
    3. I can’t see a reason to have a new building when there are many options to use space that’s in the heart of the village.

    Ultimately it’s more important to me that there is a library in street that’s affordable for the future than the desirability of the space.

    Sadly I can’t get to the meeting. I’d be interested in being informed of the discussion and outcomes.

    • Council Administrator

      Hi Emily

      Thank you for your email. I have passed this onto the Clerk to inform the Councillors of your opinion at tomorrow night’s meeting.

      Kind regards

      Assistant Clerk Street Parish Council

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