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: Laura J Wolfers: 07989 300641: Greenbank Pool, Strode Theater, Planning,

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Hi I’m Laura an Independent for the South Ward of Street

I was brought up in Surrey.  We came often to Street as my father Harold Wolfers was evacuated here during WWII living with firstly the Nichols family then in Wilfrid Road.
I went to Edgarley & Millfield 1977 – 1983.  I moved my family to Glastonbury from Surrey in 2004 where I owned the Hullaballoos play center. I have been in Street since 2012 and loved being part of it. I am passionate about the heritage of Street. We are so lucky here to have such a diverse community of people and facilities on offer to us. As well as being in a stunning location!  I am known as a local photographer and also for the volunteer logistic work I did during the floods. As many from the floods will tell you I’m a doer not a talker I like to find solutions & get things done for the better.  My father has Alzheimer’s  so I care about our elderly and how as a community we can support their social needs. I have 2 children at the teen stage my daughter said she’d like to join a youth council. My son is a young singer songwriter and is interested in reaching out to all children with music. Lastly tourism and the arts, I have recently donated a series of pictures to the Parish Council for their use.

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