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    I followed my parents and grandfathers into the RAF. Deb my partner is also from an RAF family. Due to all the moving about in our childhood and during my sixteen years fixing electronic systems in the RAF there is no place to call home. So selecting Street as the place to retire to was a very positive choice and the best decision we have ever made, we love living here.

    My work with Honeywell Aerospace, in senior management, has given me experience in business management, project management and process improvement. These are skills I am endeavouring to use collaboratively with other members of the council to improve service and activities in Street. We need to spend your council tax wisely.

    Having retired my interests are History, Walking (I’m a Fitbit user), DIY and I am also a member of Street Theatre Group and a Committee Member of Houndwood Community Group.

    We have two sons both now in their forties one lives in Street and one, with two grandchildren, in Worcestershire. Doreen my wife’s mother also shares our home.

    My Memberships –

    • Liberal Democrat Party
    • National Trust
    • Street Theatre Group
    • Street Society
    • Houndwood Community Group
    • Glastonbury Antiquarians
    • South Somerset Archaeology Research Group (SSARG)

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