Details of Process for Awarding Grants to Outside Bodies

Notice in local newspaper and grant forms sent to those who applied in the previous year and to the 9 bodies receiving an annual grant.  Forms and accounts to be returned to Clerk by 1st August.
Policy and Finance Committee agrees all grants for financial year up to maximum of £2,000 per organisation in accordance with policy and within agreed budget limits.  There will be a Grants allocation for the year and a community safety allocation for the year.  Policy and Finance Committee makes recommendations on the grants for the year above £2,000 for approval of Council.  Policy and Finance Committe agrees in principle to 9 annual grant bodies for the year up to £2,000 each and makes recommendations on any grants above that sum, which would need final approval from Council.
All agreed grants for the year are paid.
Policy and Finance Committee considers reports from 9 annual grant bodies updating position and makes a final decision for the following financial year on grants up to £2,000 and recommendations to Council on grants above that limit.  Within three months of receipt of all grants a written report must be sent explaining how funding has been used and how recognition has been given to the Council’s contribution.  If a report is not received then this will be taken into consideration when any further application is received.
All agreed grants for the following financial year for 9 annual grant bodies are paid early in that year.

IN ADDITION, AT ANY TIME DURING THE FINANCIAL YEAR,  the Policy and Finance Committee could agree grants of up to £2,000 each to any organisation making an application in the normal way, provided that a maximum of £3,000 was used from the contingency fund for this purpose.