Summer Survey Update March 2023

Summer Survey Update March 2023

Summer Survey Update March 2023

The results of the summer survey were published in the Autumn of 2021.  As a reminder, the top five ideas that were suggested by and then voted for by the community were:

1st Place         Regenerate the Tesco Building/Crispin Centre

2nd Place       Relocate the library services back to the original 1924 building, and support the development of the building for further uses

3rd Place        Support the sustainability and development of Greenbank Pool

4th Place        Improve the cycling and pedestrian networks in Street, and connections with neighbouring towns and villages

5th Place        Provide a BMX/pump track

The full table of results can be found here

Street Parish Council has continued to consider how to deliver the above over the next 5 years, and the following actions have been taken so far:

Regeneration of the Crispin Centre

The demise of the once thriving shopping centre has been a concern for many years, greatly impacted by the withdrawal of Tesco.  An Eco-Friendly Shop opened within the former café at the top of the precinct, and some other shops are still trading although most are vacant.

Landsec replanted the garden area outside the Parish Rooms, making the area leading in from Leigh Road into the Crispin Centre much more appealing.  Two benches provided by Landsec are also proving popular, as people sit and wait, or eat their lunch.

The site now has a new owner and a planning application for redevelopment is expected in the coming months.

Relocation of the Library back to the original 1924 Building

Since the closure of the original 1924 building, the library has been successfully operating from across the road, on the ground floor of the Parish Rooms. Following the refurbishment of the Council building in 2020, members of the library have been able to make full use of all the services on offer, including browsing the books, collecting reservations made online, exploring what’s on offer in the digital den and using the IT suite.

The council appreciates the original 1924 building is a prominent feature in the centre of the High Street, and the first thing that many visitors see as they step off the bus.  Therefore, the council will work closely with the Library Trust to discuss relocating the library services back to its rightful home, as and when the time is right.  As we understand, redevelopment of the 1924 building is due to start in the next few years, and ideas are currently being discussed for potential additional uses that would complement the library services.

The council has received a Creative Mendip grant from Mendip District Council to fund 2 new murals of the twin towns of Isny and Gravenchon on the back wall of the 2 pavilions when refurbishment works have been completed in the Library Garden.  Other works including new wooden slatted seating on sections of the boundary wall will also be carried out.  The works are expected to finish around mid April.

The council will continue to work with the Friends of Street Library, Somerset Council and the Library Trust ensure the continued provision of library services within Street.

Support Greenbank Pool

Greenbank Pool is such an important facility, enjoyed by many Street residents, whilst also attracting visitors that contribute to the local economy.

The pool was unfortunately closed for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, but re-opened in 2022, proving to be as popular as ever.  It will open again in April 2023 for the season.

The pool has been a regular recipient of council grants, and the council will continue to consider future grant applications, whilst also working closely with trustees and management committee.

Improve Cycling and Pedestrian Networks

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we have ever faced.  Reducing pollution from petrol- and diesel-powered cars, promoting a healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to walk and cycle, and reducing congestion around our High Street, will benefit the whole community.

The Council previously installed cycle racks outside of Greenbank, to complement others already located around Street.  If you have any suggestions for new sites, please email

We are also working with the new Somerset Council to try and obtain funding to progress the proposed combined cycle and pedestrian path along the A39 from the entrance to Clarks Village to Street Roundabout.

The council are also willing to support any local walking groups that are interested in applying for membership of Walkers are Welcome. a nationwide initiative to improve the communities’ economic health, physical health, and mental well-being, through walking.  Membership of Walkers are Welcome would help to promote Street as a welcoming destination for walkers, encourage the formation of walking groups and events, and the maintenance and creation of new footpaths, routes, and trails. A full list of potential benefits can be found online.

Applying for full membership will require a steering group to oversee the project and work with the community to meet the application criteria.  If you are interested in joining a steering group, to help apply for membership, please email

Provide a BMX/Pump Track

Although Street already has a skate park, which was opened by Street Parish Council in December 2009, a BMX/pump track would complement the existing facility, and appeal to wider section of the community.

For those that don’t already know, a pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features, designed to be ridden completely by riders “pumping”— generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedalling.

Originally constructed from mounds of earth, the tracks were designed for use with mountain and BMX bikes.  However, with newer construction techniques using concrete or tarmac, pump tracks can also be used by skateboards, and accessible to wheelchairs.

The council has approached local landowners who may have a suitable site for a pump track, and is also talking to a local group, many of which voted for the idea in the Summer Survey.

The creation of a pump track will require grant funding, and local involvement to demonstrate support and commitment from the community.  If you have any ideas on how to raise funds towards the project, please email

We will continue to provide regular updates on all the ideas included in the Summer Survey, including the top 5 that were voted for by the community.

Please download your own copy of the report below:

Summer Survey Update 03.23