Planning applications are placed on the Mendip District Council Website.

  • A public notice is placed in the vicinity of any site where a planning application has been made, and this notice has a reference number. This reference number is useful if you wish to find the plans on the website mentioned below.
  • Street Parish Council reviews any plans in the Street Parish Area at the Planning Committee Meeting at least monthly, please see the events pages for timings.
  • Members of the public are encouraged to attend and give their input at the Planning Committee Meeting and online on the Mendip DC planning website.
  • Parish Councillors use their local knowledge and take public opinion into account before making recommendations to the Mendip Council Planning Committee.
  • Mendip District Council, who have specialist support, not available at Parish level, take the Parish input into account before making their final decision.

Plans with supporting documents can be viewed at  Mendips District Council Website. New applications and comments are also made through this site.


For more details of how the planning system is supposed to work see The Department For Communities and Local Government’s  Plain English Guide to the Planning System