Street War Memorial

Street War Memorial

Street War Memorial

Street Parish Council was concerned about the condition of the WW1 war memorial, which was situated in Merriman Park, for a long time. Despite a refurbishment in 2009, the memorial continued to deteriorate.

A committee of councillors and representatives of local service organisations worked hard to find a fitting replacement to be sited in a more central position.

The first hurdle was finding a suitable site in the middle of the village and this was found and landscaped in the spring of 2018. The new memorial and a plaque bearing the names from both world wars is sited in the community garden adjacent to the United Reform Church.

John Candler ( content_id=22&member_id=450 )  of  Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, was commissioned to design and carve a new 2 metre high memorial from Portland stone, which is adorned with a scattering of glass poppies in varying shades of red.

The names of the fallen from both world wars have been fully researched by Mr I. Higton and Mrs C. Atkins, and these names are carved into a Portland stone plaque which is positioned at the back of the memorial garden. Street Parish Council published the list of names so that residents could ensure they were correct before they were carved in stone. The old memorial only covered the first world war and was not 100% accurate.

The new memorial was dedicated in July 2018.

The Calvary of the existing memorial will be re-sited in due course.

                            The Old War Memorial, Merriman Park, Street

The New Memorial and Dedicatino in July 2018
The Unveiling of the New Memorial July 2018
The Dedication Ceremony of the New Memorial July 2018