Summer Survey Results 2021

Summer Survey Results 2021

The votes for the Summer Survey have been counted are verified, and we can reveal that the 5 ideas that received the highest number of votes were:

1st Place       Regenerate the Tesco Building/Crispin Centre

2nd Place      Relocate the library services back to the original 1924 building, and support the development of the building for further uses

3rd Place      Support the sustainability and development of Greenbank Pool

4th Place       Improve the cycling and pedestrian networks in Street, and connections with neighbouring towns and villages

5th Place       Provide a BMX/pump track

Prize Winners

All individuals that put forward the top 5 ideas were entered into a draw to win one of 5 prizes of £100.  The lucky winners were:

Regenerate the Crispin Centre                                   Raquel Gonzales

Support Greenbank Pool                                             Dave Mogg

Improve cycling and pedestrian networks             Nina Swift

Provide a BMX/Pump Track                                       Polly Axford-CheckleySeth*

 *All entrants who put forward the idea to relocate the library were anonymous.  Therefore, the prize associated with this idea was awarded to the winner of a further draw, where the entrants were those individuals that had put forward the other ideas that came in the top 5 but had not already won a prize.  The winner of the additional draw was Seth.  

Street Parish Council will now consider how it can progress the top 5 ideas over the next 5 years, and hopefully some of the other ideas too.

We will keep you updated on progress, and maybe ask you to get involved to help deliver the things you want most.

Thank you for all those that took the time to vote.

 Results in detail

In total we received 855 responses by the deadline of 20th September. All valid entrants, who confirmed that they were Street residents and selected 5 or less ideas, were counted and verified.

Follow the link below for detailed results, including the number of votes every idea received, and where it ranked in the list.

Street PC – Summer Survey RESULTS