Street Twinning Association

Street Twinning Association

Jacqui Knight , Secretary of Street Twinning Association


Street has been twinned with Notre Dame de Gravenchon in Northern France since 1967 and with Isny im Allgau in Southern Germany since 1994.

Twinners from Street alternative visits to and from these towns each year.  One year we visit Gravenchon and host visitors from Isny and the following year we visit Isny and host our friends from Gravenchon.  As visitors, we stay with members of the twinning associations and as hosts, we welcome them into our own homes.


Many long term and close relationships have been formed over the time since twinning began in 1967.  The people of Gravenchon are very hospitable and most of our families have members who can speak English.  Dinner is their main meal of the day and is usually preceded by aperitifs at around 7.30pm.  The meal is unhurried and relaxed with time for conversation during the four or five courses.  First time visitors are sometimes surprised by the kiss greeting!

In France our excursions have been to a variety of places.  On one visit we had a coach tour of Paris where we had a boat cruise up the Seine.  We have also visited Monet’s garden, a safari Zoological park and the war museum at Caen.

Gravenchon is a small, modern town about 40 kilometres south of the port of Le Havre in Normandy.  The principal industry of the locality is the oil refinery at Port Jerome


Almost all of the Isny twinners speak good English so there are no language problems when we go to Germany.  The area is very beautiful and our hosts are proud to show us the area.

We travel to Gravenchon, usually via Portsmouth, by coach and ferry.  Our visits to Isny and by coach and air.

In Germany we have visited a cheese factory, a workshop for making carnival masks, the cathedral city of Ulm and the famous lakeside theatre at Lindau.

Isny is a very historic town that is close to the Alps.  It is a popular cross-country skiing centre and a well known health resort.

Fund raising

We hold fund raising activities each year to contribute to the cost of our twinning activities.  However we are indebted to Clarks and Street Parish Council who provide us with generous grants.  Fund raising activities include barbeques, treasure hunts, barn dances, themed social evenings and bric-a-brac sales.

Other activities

Whenever possible we try to encourage exchange activities outside of our organisation, particularly where young people are involved.  We have helped with organising visits by groups of french children to Street and assisted a local school by financing barbeques for visiting exchange students and their host students from Street.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]