Parkrun for Street?

Street Parish Council hope to bring parkrun to Street

In an initiative spearheaded by Street Parish Council (SPC) Chairman Tim Rice, there are plans to bring the international movement “parkrun” ( to Street.

What is parkrun?

It is free weekly timed runs held all over the world in pleasant parkland on weekend mornings, the runs are open to all – from juniors and first timers to Olympians and octogenarians…

Whether you’re young or old, male or female, fit or unfit, able-bodied or not, you’re always welcome. It’s not about racing, it’s about running.

You don’t pay to run, ever. And every event is organised by a group of local volunteers.

And at the moment this is the slight sticking point. Meetings have been held and a venue has been found, but to ensure that parkrun is a sustainable venture, SPC are asking for more volunteers to come forward to help out – in jobs such as putting out the cones, registering runners and logging their times.

If you think you can give some time on a Saturday morning please contact Tim Rice on or contact the Parish Rooms on 01458 440588 in office hours.

Parkrun in numbers:

Number of world wide events: 135,999

Number of runners running: 1,983,875

Total time run worldwide by parkrun runner: 1,170yrs 345days 9hrs 37mins 43secs

Number of runs to date: 20,941,160

Volunteers worldwide: 237,995

Total distance run worldwide: 102,648,193km

Number of parks:1,048

So long as SPC can find more volunteers and backers they can make it happen in Street too!