Street Parish Council are incredibly sad to report our community’s newly installed murals, created by local artist Jonathan Minshull, have been vandalised.

As a council, we are devastated and shocked by the complete lack of respect shown for these beautiful murals, which prominently feature our proud history in Street, and which have been very well received and admired in our community.   We cannot understand what would motivate someone to cause such damage.

The graffiti, tagging and scratching of these murals on Leigh Road, is believed to have occurred sometime this week (week commencing 4th July 2022), and we encourage any witnesses to please come forward.

Currently, we are investigating leads and will be very grateful if you have any information which can help our investigation.

We will not tolerate our local area being vandalised in this way after so much hard work and effort has been put in to plan for, fund and create these wonderful murals.

A reward of £300 will be made to the person who comes forward with information leading to a conviction.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Assistant to the Clerk on 01458 440588 or email:

Please help us keep our neighbourhood safe and report any anti-social behaviour you may witness by calling 101 or 999 if it’s a genuine emergency.