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Cllr. Adrian Sparkes

South Ward

I am a 62 year old, retired, white, British widower.  I have lived in Street since Feb 2004 having moved here with my wife and daughter from London.

I live facing Merriman Park and am interested in the upkeep and development of the space for local residents and their children. 

Given the current uncertainty regarding retail businesses I am keen to help ensure the viability of the town centre outside of Clarks Village and interested in any plans to revitalise the surrounding areas with a view to providing employment.

Having spent many years working in the University sector I am also interested in education provision within the parish and, due to issues with my daughter, especially with regard to provision for those with disabilities and/or mental health issues. My employment background is in microbiology teaching and research, health & safety and information governance and I have further committee experience at London wide and national level through my Trades Union.

Declaration of Interests